This article was originally published on Campaign Brief. 

Tasty Pictures has brought to life Elevencom’s latest Domino’s TV campaign with director/DOP Ronald Koetzier showing off Domino’s ingredients like never before.

Working with Tasty Pictures’ unique high-speed motion control robots – and digging into his bag of tricks as one of the world’s top food directors – Koetzier and the Tasty team chopped flying avocados, smashed deserts, carved up flying meatballs and stretched melted cheese as far as possible.

The campaign was filmed at Tasty’s studio facility in Brisbane, making the most of the purpose-built commercial kitchen, cavernous studio and their two high-speed motion control robots.

It’s the third time in recent months that Tasty Pictures has collaborated with Koetzier to film epic food commercials.

Koetzier is one of the pioneers of food and high-speed motion control filming working with world-leading companies likes The Marmalade and is available in Australia through Tasty Pictures.