Tracey Rowe

Tracey is all about aesthetics and emotion, probably stemming from a childhood in the outback of Australia where the landscape really shaped her fascination of beautiful visual imagery.

Photography was something that Tracey loved, and throughout High School experimented with black and white photography which led to a 3 year Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Photography at RMIT in Melbourne. After working in London as an advertising photographer, Tracey returned to Sydney where she began work as TV commercial Director.

Balancing creative with challenging budgets is where Tracey thrives. She works all over the world for a variety of products and for all different cultures. Years of very large Post Effects driven campaigns has meant that she is very comfortable with CGI, so she knows how to plan and shoot for it. She also likes working with real people and children, capturing genuine and honest performances.

Tracey loves being involved in the creation of highly visual storytelling, combined with emotive performances in order to create work that is truly memorable. It is this experience and background that brings a unique perspective to tabletop direction. She brings a stylish, beautiful approach to food photography which has a real human touch. She can bring either a heightened or grounded vision to the work.