Sergio Bosatra

Italian director Sergio Bosatra is considered one of the Masters of modern food and tabletop commercials. He started directing in 2010 and has since developed a unique visual style. Sergio has been part of the Director’s Guild of America since 2015, and pursues commercials with the same passion as short films, documentaries, idents, and title sequences.

He speaks 6 languages and has travelled 5 continents shooting for countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Poland, Lebanon, Dubai, Kuwait, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, China – and of course – Italy. Sergio has way of seeing beauty in all things, and brings a contagious enthusiasm to every project, combining outstanding communication, technical mastery and a captivating, emotionally-charged approach to visual storytelling.

With a natural gift for capturing food, his expertise in high-speed and special effects, live-action, motion control, and time-lapse merge into a seamless, elegant experience. No two projects are the same for Sergio, he believes in making tailored, specific images for every product, client or story. Instead of using the same old tricks, he promotes team work and the custom development of every project.

Sergio is constantly exploring the fantastic… a visual poet, his style has a sense of soul that stands out in the advertising arena.