Ronald Koetzier


Ronald is a Director / DOP with an extremely refined visual style and technique. His un-matched technique has allowed him to travel the world shooting commercials for some of the world’s most notable food bands. Ronald has worked in over 30 countries shooting for Nestle, Pepsico, Coca-cola, Danone, Mondelez, Kellogs and Unilever.

Ronald has mastered complicated SFX tricks and techniques and is referred to as the world’s most experienced high-speed motion control director. His use of light, framing and SFX combine to create a perfect and mouth-watering result. Ronald’s work with top stylists and special-effect specialists has tinted his work with eye-capturing balance and style, completely unique to the commercials he creates.

Ronald is one of the few willing to take on difficult projects using liquids, ice-cream and chocolate as he is confident in his ability to produce precise and exceptional imagery.