Respected Italian tabletop Director + DP Maurizio Cigognetti, known professionally as Cigo, began his advertising career as an Art Director, working for the likes of Y&R NYC, Ogilvy & Mather Italy, and Pirella Gottsche Lowe International. He then left behind art direction and devoted himself full-time to photography where he created a prolific portfolio of prestigious national and international advertising campaigns. Looking for yet another new challenge, he brought together his love of cinema and food by debuting as a tabletop director in 2012. His high-impact images bring together his years of experience working in analog photography and his wealth of knowledge and technical ability regarding lighting. Cigo’s confident use of the hand-held camera, combined with his intelligent use of high-speed and motion control techniques seal his style, capturing “real” moments and poetry at the same time. 

Italian native Cigo now calls Australia home, splitting his time between the wine country of regional South Australia and his beloved Italia, namely Milan.

* Director / DOP of Food Scenes Only