Production Team

At Tasty, our production team are the driving force behind every project. Our producers’ extensive knowledge and experience stem from years of working on projects across Australia and internationally.

They’re the powerhouse team you want to work with; calm, productive and level-headed, they have the industry know-how needed to complete any project to the highest standard.

Having worked with some of the most inspiring brands and agencies across the globe, our tabletop production team have the experience, skills and knowledge to create a seamless flow through the production pipeline. Together they’ve logged thousands of hours working on sets across the world and experienced any number of logistical obstacles – you name it, they’ve seen it and conquered it.

When you work with our production team, we will always strive to deliver a smooth, successful and on budget production.

Meet the team

Benjamin Flaxman
Studio Producer & Director

Simone Mackie
Senior Producer

Mark Bishop
Senior Producer

Brendan Isaac
Lead Robot Operator