Say hi to Jason!

Jason Hargreaves (ACS) is a Director + DOP who has amassed numerous awards for this cinematography both nationally and internationally and is one of Australia’s most in-demand tabletop DOP’s.

Jason’s now proudly available for tabletop projects through Tasty (oh yeah) and we couldn’t be happier to have his enviable skillset onboard with us.

Jason’s food imagery aims to elevate brands to stand out in the crowd with bold, interesting visuals that ignite the culinary senses.  He now splits his working time between Australia and the United States (which in the current Covid-19 climate, means we pretty much have him in Australia full-time for the time being)!  He’s currently based in sunny Brisbane, conveniently just down the road from our purpose built Tasty studio at Sumner.

In his downtime, Jason has been mastering the use of motion control in his tabletop work via Tasty’s BOLT motion control robots Fred & Barney, creating stunning visuals that make you ask “how did he do that”?

Be sure to check out Jason’s tabletop reel below and give us a call if you have a project you’d like to discuss further with Tasty.

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